Writing Resume

Hi! I’m John. I make words do the thing they’re supposed to do: communicate.

Most of my commercial is for businesses, interactive media, and video games. Since I’ve been doing this for over 10 years, I’ve written about a lot of things for a lot of clients. Neat, huh?

Check out my resume (PDF) for more info. Or peek at my writing portfolio if that’s more your style.

Places I’ve Written

  • Barnes & Noble – Journalism & blog post writing (2014-present)
  • Co-Optimus – Game Journalism (2013-present)
  • Gamezebo – Game Journalism (2013-14)
  • Joystiq – Game Journalism (2007)
  • JayIsGames – Journalism, Editing (2006-14)
  • LoveToKnow – Managing Editor (2003-2006)

Game Studios I’ve Written For

  • FizzPow – writing for Bitcoin Billionaire.
  • Wild Factor – Story, dialogue and comics for Machiavillain.
  • Nooskewl – Script & dialogue for Crystal Picnic.
  • Crackshell – Localization for Hammerwatch.
  • Shattered Rift – Fantasy lore & world building for unannounced MMORPG.
  • Wild Factor – Narrative design for Freaking Meatbags.
  • Fancy Factory – Retro fantasy script for Dungeon Myths.
  • Invulse – Sci-fi script for Unsworn.
  • Ghostwritten sci-fi script, ghostwritten fantasy script.
  • e-funsoft – Localization and copywriting for multiple casual games.
  • Fat Sam Games – Localization and copywriting.
  • Megaplay Games – Copywriting
  • Digiluna Games – Copywriting

Chunks Of Words You Can Read