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A Crystal Picnic book approaches!

Crystal Picnic in all its old school glory.
If you thought Crystal Picnic was just a game, then you clearly haven’t read the rest of this announcement!

With the release of the Crystal Picnic RPG, the Nooskewl team and I thought it would be a great idea to expand the story and release a full-fledged Crystal Picnic tie-in novel.

There’s a lot more to tell in the saga of Frogbert, Egbert and those tasty tasty crystals. A lot. New characters are coming out to play, along with new scenes that give side characters a chance to shine. There may even be a top secret villain lurking somewhere in the kingdom. I’m not saying… yet.

The tone of Crystal Picnic Adventures is somewhere between Harry Potter and Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. But, you know, different. Quirky but poignant, lighthearted, fun and full of laughs. That’s the Crystal Picnic novel, and it’s going to be fantastic.

Quick facts:

  • Lighthearted young adult fantasy genre
  • Brand new extended adventure for Frogbert and Egbert
  • Read the book, play the game, neither one spoils the other!
  • E-book release for Kindle, NOOK, Kobo, iPad, Android and other e-readers
  • DRM-free versions will also be available
  • Interested in a physical copy? Sign up to the mailing list below!
  • Release date: Late November 2014

Big call to action link to catch your eye: pre-order the book!

The landing page above has a sample chapter, and we’ll be releasing some other goodies in the near future. Follow us at @itsamejohn and @crystalpicnic, too!

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About the Author – John Bardinelli has been a full-time freelance author and writer for the past ten years. He’s written and published novels, short stories, game scripts, and some grocery lists that were hailed as instant classics.