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Crystal Picnic Adventures is out!

After 25 million years of evolution plus months of writing/editing, the Crystal Picnic Adventures novel is complete! 220 pages of humor, fantasy adventure, gardening jokes, sly references to geek culture, and five words of Latin. That’s right, if you read Crystal Picnic Adventures, you get smarter. Guaranteed. Crystal Picnic Adventures is a lighthearted, fun read. The style is a bit of a departure from my other long form fiction work, but I love the quirky, irreverent tone. Especially when the bad guys get their own scenes.

Fantasy comedy book

Story summary, spoiler free:

This morning Egbert and Frogbert didn’t even know the crystals existed. Now they’re about to uncover an ancient secret that involves a mysterious figure who hasn’t been seen in over 8,000 years. Looks like they’ll have to finish their gardening work a little later.

An army of ants bursts from below the castle carrying loads of shiny blue gems. Egbert and Frogbert head out to investigate, leading them on a journey that spans the entire kingdom. They’ll do whatever it takes to uncover the secret behind the crystals, even if they have to deal with the crazy ant queen and the voices in her head.

It will make baby bunnies smile and fuzzy kittens purr if you grab a copy of the book. You’ll like it, I promise. And if you don’t, I’ll write an alternate ending where everybody dies.

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