Crystal Picnic

Story design, script, and dialogue writer for the indie RPG.

Working with Nooskewl on Crystal Picnic was a fantastic experience. I was brought on early in development and had the freedom to create a fun, lighthearted, fantasy RPG tale with practically no constraints. I had such a great time with the characters and worlds I continued the story in a post-release novel, Crystal Picnic Adventures.

My work on Crystal Picnic included:

  • Writing the entire story and script from scratch.
  • Creating NPC and other character dialogues.
  • Scripting cinematics.

Player responses to the writing in Crystal Picnic:

The character dialogue and writing are very well executed … Conversations between characters are almost always very witty and humorous, which keeps things interesting. You definitely will not be bored by the colorful cast of characters.

Also check out Crystal Picnic Adventures, a fun fantasy book based that continues the game’s story.