Freaking Meatbags

Narrative design, writing, and script for the tongue-in-cheek sci-fi game.

I joined the Freaking Meatbags team when the game was already well into development. WildFactor had a working product in place, but they needed story details sculpted around the existing gameplay. I worked closely with the team to create personalities for in-game characters and build a satisfying narrative that added extra incentive for users to keep playing from level to level.

My work on Freaking Meatbags included:

  • Narrative design that focused on immersive ways to deliver story content without interrupting gameplay.
  • Story details, world building, and most of the game’s internal script.
  • Created hundreds of lines of flavor text for in-game characters.
  • Wrote PR, storefront description, and marketing materials.
  • Localized text submitted by other team members.

Player responses to my work on Freaking Meatbags:

The first thing you will notice is the humor. This is Douglas Adams meets Paranoia in the most flattering manner possible. The art is loveably cute and the writing is snappy and clever.

I did find the writing quite entertaining.