Game Writing

Portfolio of selected writing samples by John Bardinelli, author, narrative designer, and game writer with 15+ years of experience.

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RV AppStudios (website) – Writing and localization for kids’ educational apps, utilities, and mobile games.

Amanda’s Sticker Book (store) – In-game text, script writing, and localization.

The Trials of Olympus (store) – Scenario editing.

Bloom (store) – Scenario writing, dialogue.

Freaking Meatbags (store | sample) – Narrative design, script, flavor text, and marketing materials.

Hammerwatch (store) – Localization and writing for the first expansion.

Bitcoin Billionaire (store | sample) – Narrative design, expansion authoring, and other writing.

Crystal Picnic (store | sample) – Script, story, and dialogue writing.

Dungeon Myths: Sewers of Stonehaven (sample) – Story, quests, and dialogue.