John Bardinelli

Narrative designer, game creator, UX writer. I keep players interested and engaged from the moment they tap “play now” to the last line of text in that epic quest.



Content Strategy, UX Writing — Worked with product leads in two countries to define content creation workflows, formalize documentation, and write “opportunity cards” to streamline user experience in the dashboard and upsell to existing customers.

Hyperbit: MissionX

Narrative Design, UX Writing, Brand Voice — Early alpha work establishing the game’s world, UX design, and brand voice. Co-created an unobtrusive quest delivery system that drew player buzz from day one. Read more about my work on MissionX.

Bitcoin Billionaire

UX Writing, Brand Voice — Defined the voice and wrote most of the in-game text and marketing copy.


Brand Voice, Writer — Created the original brand voice guidelines and wrote early marketing copy.

Aletha Health

Brand Voice, Content Development — Built new landing pages for the successful health and wellness brand. A/B tests were launched daily and data was used to refine tone, voice, layout, and imagery.

Crystal Picnic

Story, Script, Dialogue — Created the story and characters for the fantasy RPG, including all dialogue and NPC interactions. Wrote a companion novel released alongside the game.

RV AppStudios

Localization Management, UX Writing — Work on 35+ mobile apps, games, and educational apps for kids. Partner with global teams to develop and refine style guides, assemble marketing/advertising materials, and edit user-facing content.